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eKaiser E Zigarette Starter Kit | 5 x Premium E Liquid Tabak Flavour | Cigee

von Cigee
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eKaiser E cigarette





main feature


Comes with 5 flavors in the pack. With over 30 eKaiser cartomizer flavors to choose from on Amazon.

Electronic Cigarette Rechargeable Battery 180 mAh for longer use than most e-cigarette batteries - 300 puffs Easy to use USB charger.

For the production of this e-liquid only ingredients in pharmaceutical grade were used. Cartomizer available in white and black.

E Shisha without tobacco no nicotine no tar no carbon monoxide no harmful toxins no odors. Easy to replace

Official eKaiser product. Made with the highest quality e-liquid flavor for great steam production and a strong neck stroke.



The rechargeable e-shisha / e-cigarette by eKaiser is the perfect introduction to the world of steaming. The starter kit includes a  180mAh battery that lasts longer than most other e-cigarette batteries - 300 trains. An easy-to-use  USB charger and 5 new cartomizer flavors (Classic Tobacco, Tobacco Blend, Country Tobacco, Gold Tobacco, Cigarette Tobacco) are included .

The cartomizers are to be used once and can not be refilled with liquid. Just replace it with a new one as soon as it's empty.
    The eKaiser Cartomizer e-liquid is made from the finest raw materials, natural extracts and high-quality, safe ingredients, using advanced manufacturing processes and quality controls.

       E-liquid ingredients

      All of our liquids are made of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine or a mixture of both. Propylene glycol provides a pleasant sensation in the throat while vegetable glycerin provides for large clouds of steam.

      Our mixing ratio of  70% PG to 30% VG  offers you the benefits of both ingredients. This optimum mixing ratio combines the sweetness and pleasant touch of the rhyme of propylene glycol with the large clouds of steam and the pleasant consistency of vegetable glycerine.


        <<<  eKaiser offers you 30 different Cartomizer flavors, which you will find here with us.  >>>